Harbour Theatre - mainly for former members

List of Shows

This list was distributed freely at the Great Harbour Theatre Wyndup in 2003, just before HAC closed, but for those of you who weren’t there or have lost it, here it is again.

It's comprehensive, but no doubt incomplete. For instance, surely there must have been more than one show in 1970. And when were Miscellanies 2 & 3? You’ll notice the odd World Premiere here and there, and you’ll also realise why we were all knackered at the end of 1979!

Early productions by the then-named Harbour Arts Drama Group are included. ‘Sirkus Theatre’, ‘Root Ginger’ and other offshoot companies’ productions are also listed, as they used mainly or exclusively Harbour Theatre members and were rehearsed at HAC. Thanks to Ian Dickson who did most of the compiling for his ‘People Plays and Pictures’ HAC history, published in 1987, and which is now updated and available online at http://www.irvineayrshire.org/hac/index.htm

The first entertainment presentation by the fledgling Irvine Arts Group was 'Miscellany' held at Dunlop Memorial Halls in Dreghorn. See 'Shows in Detail 1965-79'. 

First production in HAC, June 1968:
                Shadow of a Gunman                  
Sean O’Casey                     dir. Jim Kennedy
             Oct: The Baikie Charivari                   James Bridie                              Jim Kennedy

1969  Feb: Playing With Fire (with Bill  Paterson)  August Strindberg            Jim Kennedy
           Jun: Juno & the Paycock                      Sean O’Casey                           Jim Kennedy
            Oct: The Picnic                                           Arrabal
                     and “a Pinter sketch”, name unknown                                                 Tony Stott
            Nov: Black Comedy                                Peter Schaffer                           Jim Kennedy

1970  Jan:  Miscellany 4 
(sketches and music)

1971  Feb:  Miscellany 5
           June:  Crime Passionel                          Jean-Paul Sartre                        Jim Kennedy
           Aug:  The Short & Curly Show (comedy sketches) compiled / directed by the cast
            Nov:  The Crucible (with Kirsty Wark!)     Arthur Miller                             Jim Kennedy

1972   Mar:  Miscellany 6
            Mar:  The Hostage                                 Brendan Behan                           Jim Kennedy
         Aug:  The Curt and Surly Show  compiled/directed by the cast        
         Nov:  Endgame                               Samuel Beckett                                     Jim Kennedy
                  Coda  (World Premiere) 
          Joan Ure                                        Roddy Kennedy

1973 Feb: The Inca of Perusalem   
            The Dark Lady of the Sonnets 
George Bernard Shaw      Jim Kennedy
         Mar: Miscellany 7
HAC closed for rebuilding
1974  June:  The Anatomist                   James Bridie                        Willie Smith
          Aug:   Graffitti                              Jack Gerson             Shelagh Tutchener
                    The Bear                             Anton Chekov                 Iain Campbell
          Oct: A Day in the Death of Joe Egg    Peter Nichols               Jim Tannock

1975   Feb: Under Milk Wood                Dylan Thomas                    Ingrid Smith
          Apr:   Colour                                         compiled / directed by the cast
          May:  Loot                                     Joe Orton                     Roddy Kennedy
          July:  The Breadwinner            W Somerset Maughm          Iain Campbell
  Aug:  The Pubs Is Shut (for Edinburgh Fringe) comp. the cast  dir. Ingrid Smith           Nov: Antigone                       Jean Anouilh         Jim Tannock & Molly Finch
          Dec:  HAC Radio  (sketches)                                        Various

1976   Feb:  Leonardo’s Last Supper    Peter Barnes             David Croft-Smith
          Apr:   Wuthering Heights            Constance Cox                 Iain Campbell
          Aug:  Thistle Get You Going  (Fringe) 
                                                                comp. The Cast           dir. Ingrid Smith
          Aug:   Leonardo’s Last Supper (Fringe)      Peter Barnes    Ingrid Smith ?
          Sept:  I See Myself As This Young Girl   Joan Ure                Ingrid Smith
            The Tower (both for Fringe?)  PeterWeiss  Ingrid Smith (Sirkus Theatre) 
           Sept: A Phoenix Too Frequent   Christopher Fry        Shelagh Tutchener (Root Ginger)  
           Nov: The Old Lady Shows Her Medals       J.M. Barrie             Alan Black
                   The Real Inspector Hound    Tom Stoppard                    Tony Stott

1977  Feb:  The Adventures of a Bear Called Paddington
                                                   Michael Bond & Alfred Bradley  Sheila Campbell
          Jun:   Night Must Fall                    Emlyn Williams            Sheila Campbell
          Sept: A Day in the Death of Joe Egg  (Fringe)   
                                                               Peter Nichols                      Jim Tannock
          Nov: Condemned for Ecstasy   Joan Ure      Ingrid Smith (Sirkus Theatre)
          Dec:  Lysistrata                        Aristophanes                David Croft-Smith
                   The Lesson                     Eugene Ionesco                        Tony Stott

1978  Mar: Olde Time Music Hall (with HAC orchestra)     comp/dir the cast
           Apr:  Forget-Me-Not Lane      Peter Nichols                          Jim Tannock
           Aug: Something In It For Cordelia (Fringe)  Joan Ure    Sheila Campbell
           Dec: This’ll Sleigh You                         written/comp/dir the cast 
1979  Mar: Olde Time Music Hall Touring Show       comp/dir the cast
          Apr: The Anniversary               Bill McIlwraith                          Andy Baird 
          May: Olde Time Music Hall Touring Show       comp/dir the cast
          June: Oh, What a Lovely War!     Joan Lttlewood                    Tony Stott
          Aug: The Bar Show                                written/comp/directed the cast
          Aug:  Something In It For Ophelia      Joan Ure      Sheila Campbell        
          Sept: A Day in the Death of Joe Egg (touring production)
Peter Nichols                        Jim Tannock
          Oct: Absent Friends                   Alan Aykbourn                    Celia Hacking
          Dec: Festive Treason                             written/ comp/dir the cast

1980  Apr: The Real Inspector Hound                      
                 After Magritte
                     Tom Stoppard                        Tony Stott
          June: God                                   Woody Allen                    Rod MacCowan
          Aug: The Bar Olympics              Rod MacCowan / Andy Baird / the cast
          Dec: Jack and the Beanstalk     written by committee!          Jim Tannock

1981  Jan: Gallimaufry                                     written/comp/dir the cast
          Apr: The Diary of Anne Frank     Goodrich / Hackett         Pat MacCowan
          May-Aug: Street Theatre (for various festivals)  written/comp/dir the cast
          June: A Tomb With a View          Norman Robbins                   Gary Winn
          Oct:  Something in it for Cordelia        Joan Ure              Sheila Campbell
          Dec:  Aladdin                                                 written/dir Andy Baird

1982  Mar:  The Harbour Theatre Show                                                              comp/dir Sheila Campbell, Jim Greer & Gaye Dillon
          Apr:  The Chalk Garden              Enid Bagnold                           Jim Greer
         June:  Brush With a Body            Maurice McLaughlin                    Jim Duff
         Sept:  The Private Ear                 Peter Shaffer                             Jim Duff
         Dec:   Cinderella                                            written/dir Jean Doole

1983  Mar:  The Trojan Women           Euripides         Ian Dickson & Jean Doole
          June:  Wait Until Dark               Frederick Knott                     Jim Tannock
          Dec:  Red Riding Hood           Gary Winn    Jean Doole & Sheila Campbell

1984  Mar: Gaslight                             Patrick Hamilton                       Jim Greer 
         June: An’ Me Wi’ a Bad Leg, Tae   (World Amateur Premiere)
                                                            Billy Connolly                               Jim Duff
          Jul:  HT - The Harbour Terrestrials  comp/dir by Gary Winn and the cast
          Oct: Pardon Me Prime Minister    Taylor / Grahame              Isabel Silver
          Dec: Sleeping Beauty                                    written/dir Jean Doole

1985   Mar: Moby Dick                      
                   Henry X Part VII
               Michael Green                        Gary Winn
          May: Gregory’s Girl    (co-production with K.I.D.S.)
                                                            Bill Forsyth                               May Smith
          June:  The Bar Show             written/dir by Rod MacCowan & Andy Baird
          Oct:    Boeing Boeing                Marc Camoletti                      Jim Tannock
           Dec:  Dick Whittington & His Magic Cat        written/dir Jean Doole

1986   Mar: Albert                                Richard Harris                       Gaye Dillon
                  A Phoenix Too Frequent   Christopher Fry               Sheila Campbell
          Jun:  Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?      Edward Albee       Jim Tannock
         Sept:  Deathtrap                         Ira Levin                              Isabel Silver
          Dec:  Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs          written/dir David Parker

1987  Mar:  Macbeth                 W. Shakespeare       Jean Park (formerly Doole)
          June: Plaza Suite               Neil Simon     Jim Tannock & Christine Stanley & Donald Munro
           Aug: Spearathon 
                   (fund-raising sponsored 50-hour non-stop reading of as many of Shakespeare’s works as possible!)
           Oct: Dangerous Corner             JB Priestly                    Isabelle Murdoch
           Dec: Buck Crusoe in the 25th Century          written/dir David Parker

1988 Mar:  The Merchant of Venice       W Shakespeare                   Jean Park
         June:  Our Town                           Thornton Wilder                   Andy Baird
          Oct:  The Slab Boys                      John Byrne                Christine Stanley
         Dec:  Robin Hood & His Merry Men    Pete Wadley               Martin Smith

1989  Mar:  Lloyd George Knew My Father     W.D.Home                Isabel Duff
         June: The Exorcism                       Don Taylor                           Andy Baird
         Sept: Cuttin’ A Rug                        John Byrne                Christine Stanley
         Dec:  Cinderella                      Isabel Duff/Jean Doole               Isabel Duff

1990   Mar:  The Birds (co-production with St Michael’s Academy)
                                                             Aristophanes                        Ian Dickson
         June:  Romeo and Juliet          W. Shakespeare                         Jean Park
         Sept:  Still Life                              John Byrne                 Christine Stanley
         Dec:   The Friendly Dragon                                                            Stephen Entwhistle & Iain Silver                       Stephen Entwhistle

1991  Mar:  Abigail’s Party                   Mike Leigh                           Jim Tannock
          June:  Bessie the Kilwinning Witch  &                    
     How the Puddlydoodly Got Its Name
   (both for Cunninghame Arts Festival)
                                                         Leslie Melviille and the cast
         Sept:  Beyond The Cringe                              written/dir the cast
         Dec:   The Wizard of Oz                             written/dir Rosemary Philips

1992  Mar:  Rookery Nook                  Ben Travers                           Isabel Duff
         June:  The Lion in Winter          James Goldsmith           Christine Stanley
         Dec:   Aladdin                             Isabel Duff/Andy Baird           Isabel Duff

1993  Mar:  The Happy Journey         Thornton Wilder              Sheila Campbell
                   Between Mouthfuls         Alan Ayckbourn                         Alan Long
         May:  Mother Figure              Alan Ayckbourn    Pat Baird (Project Theatre)
         June:  Murder In Company       King / Boland                           Isabel Duff
         Oct:   Albert                              Richard Harris                          Gaye Dillon
                  The Patient                      Agatha Christie                     David Glover
                  Gosforth’s Fete                Alan Ayckbourn              Isabelle Murdoch
        Dec:   Beauty and The Beast      Trudy West                             Isabel Duff

1994  Mar: See You Tomorrow           Frank Vickery         Gerry Welsh (for Two Guys & A Girl)
Apr: The Glass Menagerie        Tennessee Williams                Andy Baird (for Kaleidoscope Theatre Co.)
          June: Uncle Vanya   (for Cunninghame Arts Festival)
                                                           Anton Chekov                Christine Stanley
          Oct:   The Orchestra                 Jean Anoulih                         Ian Dickson
          Dec:  Three Cheers For Father Christmas  (co-production with The Society)
                                                            Chris Doveton                 Gemma Ramsay

1995   Mar: The Sailmaker  (plus touring dates for CDC’s Outreach programme)
Alan Spence                     Derek Murdoch
          June: Don’t Blame It On The Boots     NJ Warburton     Rosemary Philips
                   The Bald Prima Donna     Eugene Ionesco             Sheila Campbell
          Dec:  The Adventures of Dick McWhittington       written/dir Andy Baird

1996   Mar:  Burns and Blisters (bar show)                   comp/dir the cast
          June: Streuth!                                                                  Sheila Campbell
                    A Collier’s Tuesday Tea                                                 Andy Baird
          Sept: Showtime Tribute    devised & choreographed by June McGuire
          Dec:  Jack and The Beanstalk    Frank O’Neill                Rosemary Philips

1997                    No productions

1998 June:  The Steamie                     Tony Roper                              Jean Park

Harbour Theatre’s Final Production
1999  Dec:  The Steamie                      Tony Roper                              Jean Park